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Final 3 days before hand in.

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Been working like a prisoner over the last few days annotating my artwork. Stuck on evaluating projects as don’t really know what else to say. Decided that I need to get artwork printed today or tomorrow. Picked up sketchbook folder for collating on Friday as well as a few pencils and artwork. Will Colgate at work and make sure they look presentable. Need to dirt a PDF file for the weds fmp presentation. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Finished off my designs and send to Simon for approval, then send to a printer
For the way home pick up.


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Drew up packaging and ideas for pattern, will add them to crit tomorrow.

Feel good drinks

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Need to take my studio shots of bottle.
Make sure the lighting and clarity of the artwork is spot on.

Fmp chat

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Took in previous tog24 branding booklet in. Generated some ideas and need to develop an interesting or different theme. Does it need to have imagery.

Adidas spreadsheet in montroc file will be great for a visual on fmp

Need to organise a page of rival brands too. Excited

Ycn chat

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Caught up with Simon today, discussed moving on my briefs.
Decided on 2 feel good briefs, 1 espn, 1 m&s. M&s well received but needs a theme or quirky angle. Have ideas. Some other ideas for feelgood with fruit. Really liking them. Espn may just go with, don’t particularly like.

Munich 2012 outdoor exhibit

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Some pics from ispo outdoor and ski exhibit 2012








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Can’t make tomorrows crit frustratingly what with my work commitments… Currently a wanted man.. Cream crackered. Really want to drop the espn brief, I’m not keen. Fancy doing the 2 briefs for feel good. 1 illustration type based. 1 serious advertising…packaging/ bottle/Instore pos,

Marks and spencer

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English theme- Laura Ashley. Kitson. British best of

Ideas for hampers




Feel good

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Can’t believe how little time I have available for UNi may have taken on a bit too much, so many projects to be dealing with at work… Nightmare
Did some work on this project last night, created a visual with wasps as well as bottle artwork. Needs a lot Jof thought and work. Also on. Abillboard, brief mentions electronically as well/ what do I do with that? Web banner eshot campaign?

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Inspiring Artists

Maurizio was born in Italy but he moved to london where he is currently living and producing his artworks. His practice consist in sewing directly on photographs, usually vintage, in order to create    an elaborate pattern which is intended not only to garnish the figures but also to reveal an interpreted version of their personal feelings under a modernized point of view.

Maurizio already had solo exhibition in Italy, UK and switzerland.

maurizio anzeri 5

maurizio anzeri 3

maurizio anzeri 8

Round Midnight

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